Christian Lessons

The purpose of Christian education at Northwest Christian Church is to create a faithful community centered in Jesus Christ, his teachings, life, death, and resurrection.  Christian education enables individuals to grow into Christian lifestyles informed by the Scriptures, prayer and theological reflection.  We believe that “we are always becoming Christians,” therefore, Christian education is a life-long pursuit.  Our programs are designed to touch people of all ages and are inclusive of all people who desire to know and follow God.

Adult Lessons

Northwest Christian Church has many adult education opportunities that include fellowship, prayer and Bible study. Adult Sunday School classes meet throughout the year. In the spring and fall small groups gather in the church and in members’ homes for fellowship and study on topics of special interest in our Christian faith and lives. Women are active in the Disciples Women’s Ministries and meet regularly in circles for study and mission endeavors. The Disciples Men’s Fellowship gathers for breakfast in Fellowship Hall the second Saturday of every month and shares in interesting programs relevant to today’s Christian man.



Join Pastor Jeff in Bible Study in Room 10:

Wednesday 10:00am – Lectionary Bible Study with Pastor Jeff Wheeler
Wednesday 7:00pm – Disciple “Genesis Study” with Pastor Jeff Wheeler


Join Contemporary studies:

Sunday 9:15 Room 12 -The Present Word curriculum seeks to facilitate understanding of the Bible in relation to life experiences and a greater awareness of God’s self-disclosure, especially God’s redeeming love as revealed in Jesus Christ. This class meets weekly throughout the year.
Sunday 9:15 Room 10 –Living in Faith Everyday – L.I.F.E. class meets weekly to explore and discuss contemporary issues relevant to Disciples in the Scriptures and theology.
Sunday 9:15 Library – Table Talks of Faith Issues in today’s life