Connect in Mission

Northwest Christian strongly believes in supporting community programs locally, regionally and ecumenically.  As part of our Christian ministry, we believe in reaching out to others to spread the love of Jesus Christ.

We never turn down a volunteer. Call our church office to get in contact with leaders of our various programs/projects, to join in on meeting people like you, to help serve the community around us. To help feed the hungry, to help shelter those without, to provide clean water to parched communities. To tend the ill, to build and to learn to build. 614 457 6290.

Here are a few of the hands-on, local ministries we actively support with love, time, leadership, and gifts.


NNEMAP Food Pantry is a cooperative ministry located at 699 E 11th that distributes food to needy residents of Columbus including Grandview, Upper Arlington and other nearby neighborhoods.  Established in 1969, NNEMAP has become one of the largest food pantries in Franklin County serving more than 18,000 people annually.  The pantry distributes approximately 3,000 pounds of food each week to its clients.

Our congregation donates food throughout the year and has special projects for the children to prepare food portions. We have annual collections for grooming kits and provide volunteers at the pantry.  Church members also serve on the NNEMAP Board of Directors.  More information at



Interfaith Hospitality Network has a permanent YWCA Family Center at the YWCA, 900 Harvey Court, Columbus, Ohio 43219.  Northwest Christian Church provides a meal every other month for families needing the emergency shelter.  More information at



Youth Mission Trips: Our CYF (high school) and Chi Rho (middle school) go on mission trips every other year and have served in such places as Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Arizona, and New Orleans.  In the summer of 2014 the youth traveled to St. Louis, Missouri.


Additionally, Northwest Christian Church reaches out monetarily as part of our annual budget, as well through six special offerings each year for denominational and ecumenical causes.  The 

Week of Compassion Offering supports relief world-wide to those experiencing natural or political disasters.  The Easter Offering supports the Disciples of Christ church work in North America and internationally.  The Pentecost Offering supports the building of new Disciples of Christ churches.  The Reconciliation Offering supports church efforts toward reconciliation of race-based discrimination and separation.  The Thanksgiving Offering supports Disciple Colleges and seminaries, and the Christmas Offering

supports the work of Disciples of Christ in Ohio.


Habitat for Humanity

 is a nonprofit Christian ministry founded on the belief that every person should have access to a safe and affordable place to live.  HFH builds homes for families regardless of race or religion and helps to alleviate slum housing and homelessness around the world.  Whether it is economic struggles, natural disasters, war or civil unrest, HFH provides shelter and housing solutions to help families recover.  The local chapter helps relieve housing burdens to central Ohio families.  It requires over 2,500 volunteer hours to build a house.


NWCC volunteers are on the Board of the HFH Northwest Partnership of churches, work on the house construction and provide lunches for the Habitat workers.  Volunteers can work at the Habitat ReStore that sells building materials for the support of Habitat’s housing ministry.  More information at

1756 S 6th St Construction Report

September 23, 2017

Northwest AAH & Mifflin Presbyterian

Week 11


Prayers & Comments:

  • It has been a good week with lots of progress despite the hot weather. It should cool down next weekend.
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran has definitely raised the bar on lunches. Thank you for the ice cream. What a treat on such a hot day!!!


1756 Updates:

·         The roof has been installed.

·         The North and South eaves and most of the North wall have been covered in type X drywall for fire protection.

·         The Wall Walkers have been removed and a set of pump jacks have been installed.

·         The bathtub walls have been insulated and sheathed.

·         The lower cornice returns have been installed.


1760 Updates:

·         The HVAC and plumbing contractors are nearly complete.

·         The electrical contractor has started.

·         The mechanical rough-in work should be completed this week.

·         The lower parts of the North and Back walls have been covered with siding.



o   None.


Plans for the Week for 1756 (NWAHH & Mifflin):


  • None

Thursday (9/28) NWAAH

  • Finish the Type X Drywall installation
  • Continue Finish Framing

Friday (9/29) NWAAH

  • Fire-rating & partial framing inspections

Saturday (9/30) NWAAH

  • 2×4 corners and cornice returns
  • 2” Styrofoam (front and back walls)
  • Thermax in the basement
  • Basement Shelving

Thursday (10/5) NWAAH

  • Styrofoam
  • Windows & Doors

Saturday (10/7) NWAAH Women’s Build

  • Styrofoam
  • Windows


Plans for the Week for 1760 (BIA):

Contractors & Inspections

  • Electrical Contractor (Mon & Tues)

Tuesday (9/26) Preferred Living

  • Install remaining Dow
  • Finish Type X Drywall in South Soffits
  • Start air sealing
  • Thermax in the basement

Thursday (9/28) Thursday Crew

  • Finish air sealing
  • Continue Finish Framing
  • Empty the garage and remove the temp wall
  • Move the garage lexan to 1756 front door
  • Framing & Air Bypass Inspections

Friday (9/29) Wendy’s QSCC

  • Insulation Netting
  • BIBS

Saturday (9/30) MediGold

  • BIBS
  • Siding


Volunteers Needed

Thursday – Thursday Crew

  Habitat Weather Line: 614-422-4828 Ext: 7039


Upcoming Building Dates:

10/7/17 – Women’s Build

10/21/17 – Mifflin Presbyterian

11/4/17 – Women’s Build

11/18/17 – Mifflin Presbyterian

11/23 & 25/17 – No Work – Thanksgiving Holiday

12/2/17 – Mifflin Presbyterian

The CROP Walk is an interfaith, community event involving thousands of people who raise funds for local and global hunger programs.  Organizers have a goal to raise $100,000 to help hungry people, both in Franklin County and in countries around the world.  Mid-Ohio Foodbank receives a portion of the funds raised by CROP Walk.  Northwest Christian Church is a leading congregation in supporting this event in Columbus.k  THIS WEEKEND!  October 8!