I’m Interested, What do I do now?
When you come seeking to join NWCC we ask one question- “Do you confess Jesus Christ to be the living Son of God, your Lord and Savior?”. If you can say “yes” that’s all we ask. The other ideological differences we may have are far less important than our common goal of following Jesus together. When we are at our best Disciples are communities of conversation that discuss big issues without requiring everyone to agree.

What does membership at NWCC mean?

To us “membership” is a formal commitment to ministry, generosity, and service at NWCC. Becoming a member is not about privileges we gain or control we attain. It’s about sharing with your church family that you are committed to our common mission and vision and want to make this your place to serve Jesus. Becoming a member here is a covenant commitment to live our ministry values in the community.  


What is expected of church members?

There are no doctrinal statements or performance contracts to sign when becoming a part of NWCC. NWCC, as all Disciple of Christ churches, state only that our creed is Christ.  A commitment to ministry and membership is a covenant between you, your church family, and God built on your personal faith journey.  Things we ask members to covenant to strive for together:


Make it a goal to worship three or more times a month. Worship binds us together as a Christian community and creates moments to connect with God and each other.  As in Disciples tradition, we have communion weekly, and all Christians are invited to partake — it is the Lord’s table.



Volunteer to serve in one of our ministries. Committing to membership is about committing to do ministry together.



Participate in a Bible Study or Sunday School, join in Fellowship, be active in a ministry- we want people to do life and faith together.



. Help us live into our calling to give our resources to real hands’ on ministry by beginning a journey of generosity, trusting that NWCC is a worthwhile investment of your offering to God as a ministry doing “kingdom of God” work.
Bear witness to Christ’s love by being a good neighbor and building intentional relationships of compassion with your neighbors, co-workers and friends.


In the DOC tradition, each congregation is independent, self-financed, and locally run.  Leadership needs, and opportunity, abound.
What about Baptism
Baptism is a ritual available to new Christians to symbolize renewal in Christ.  At NWCC, we practice Baptism by immersion.  New Christians of all ages may choose to be baptized, but some choose not to.  Christians who have been baptized in other faith traditions.. are Christians in ours.