Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission

The Mission of this congregation shall be to lead people to faith in Jesus Christ, to encourage their active commitment to His service, and to facilitate their growth in grace and in the knowledge of Christ.  Further, it shall be our mission to work for the unity of all Christians and to participate in the common task of building the Kingdom of God.


Our Vision

The Vision of this congregation is to be a relevant and growing church, actively embodying and sharing the love of God revealed by our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Empowered by our Lord, we shall be:


Radically hospitable,

inviting, welcoming, and embracing all people into the family of Christ.


Passionately worshipful,

intentionally developing deeper faith and commitment to follow Christ.


Faithfully and extravagantly generous

to the work of Christ’s Church, going forth beyond our walls in risk-taking mission and service.



We invite to the Lord’s Table.                 We love as Christ loves.               In essentials, unity.

We embrace at the Lord’s Table.            We serve as Christ serves.           In nonessentials, liberty.

We empower from the Lord’s Table.       We forgive as Christ forgives.      In all things, charity.