Young Adult Ministries

Description of YA ministries

Early adulthood is a time of constant shifting and changing; the end of adolescence, navigating life outside of the walls of high school, entering the workforce, possibly engaging in the world of higher education, fostering adult friendships and romantic relationships, and possibly becoming a parent; what a whirlwind!

Young Adult Ministries seek to provide spiritual support during this time of endless changes, as well as foster positive and enriching relationships for adults under the age of 40. Because Young Adults are so unique and varied in their needs, Northwest Christian Church supports two separate, but equally awesome small groups for young adults.


Ichthus Group:

This small group focuses on bringing together young adults that have recently left high school and either entered college or the workforce. This group is more high-energy and focused on service work and fellowship.


Cousins Group:

This small group made up of “couples” and “singles” is intended for young professionals who find themselves to be a bit more established than our Ichthus group. This group includes those building their careers and sometimes also their families. Childcare is often provided during Cousins gatherings if you would like some grown-up time, but your little one is welcome to be your plus one if that makes you more comfortable. The Cousins group can often be found going to lunch together after Sunday worship for fellowship and fun.